Welcome to the Guardian interview recording system.  If you’re looking for a video recording system that provides longer storage and more features than what a DVR or NVR can offer,  Guardian is the answer.  With our start/stop recording architecture and ability to mix a variety of sources into one cohesive recording platform we give what the other options can’t offer.  We can support up to 4 rooms and 8 cameras on one hardware platform and provide a simple, easy to use interface that allows users to do their job with minimal training.

Our system allows users to easily

  • Start/Stop recordings
  • Add notes to recordings
  • log in to review previous recordings
  • live view and listen to an interview room
  • export video, audio or create a DVD right from the system
  • Review who has viewed a video and when

And with features like audit trails you can always find out

  • When a video was created
  • Details such as room and length of recording
  • Who recorded the video and when
  • who accessed the video and when
  • what was done with the video during access

Also with departmental control and user access rights

mulitple departments can use the same system without

being able to access another departments recordings. Which eliminates

the need for multiple systems solely for the purpose of confidentiality.

With departmental control users assigned to the department can only access that department’s

videos.  If an agency needs more finite control access rights can be assigned so that

only the user that created the video and their department’s supervisors can access

videos created by that user.

Here are just some of Guardian’s key features;

  • Ability to use analog or IP cameras or a mix of both
  • Player app that allows users to review interviews from their desk instead of tying up the recording system.
  • Audit trails and logs to show when users have been in the system and what was accessed
  • Remote control and remote playback capabilities  allowing the option for the system to be placed away from the interview area
  • Remote live view
  • Export to UNC file path, DVD, thumbdrive or other external media storage sources
  • Network backup
  • Active notes and bookmarks available during and after the interview
  • All hardware is Intel based military grade hardware with Enterprise class storage and built in redundancy.

Do you need a custom build or custom integration to more closely fit your organization’s need?  We can tailor a system to fit your needs instead of attempting to make a consumer solution adapt to it.

We can also export video interviews from your old system such as I Record in some cases so you only need to maintain one system.


If you would like to find out more information or schedule a live demo

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