emergency dispatch recorder

Standard IT companies are not familiar with nor are they equipped to handle emergency dispatch and high-availability IT demands. When proprietary recording systems go down standard IT companies have to rely on the manufacturer for information and support rather than being able to come in and effectively resolve the situation to get the client back up and going quickly.

This is where Engineered Tech and Data is the right solution to quickly and effectively resolve emergency dispatch recorders and high-availability IT appliances. Our expertise is integrating and maintaining the following recording system manufacturers products as well familiarity with others.

  • Redbox Recorders
  • Nice Recording Systems
  • Cybertech Recorders
  • Eventide Recorders

Some of the common integrations we deal with are things such as:

  • Digital and analog telephony
  • Active VOIP integrations including Cisco, Avaya, Shoretel and others
  • Passive VOIP integrations for installations where an active solution isn’t viable
  • analog emergency dispatch consoles
  • VOIP dispatch console integrations for Positron and Motorola
  • ANI/ALI integrations both serial and IP stream

Whether remote or on site assistance is required please feel free to contact us for your mission critical needs.